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Unmanned Exchange Protection System


Unmanned Exchanges / Proprieties can be monitored from central place by using IP cameras and internet. We can monitor different locations simultaneously.


  • Monitoring can be done for any number of exchanges
  • Live view of all locations
  • Recording provision
  • Old records will be automatically removed unless stored specifically
  • Movements in day as well as in night can be monitored
  • Necessary battery back up can be provided
  • With particular IP address we can view from any place in world
  • Different types of cameras can be used for different purposes
  • Recording only for human movement to avoid unnecessary still picture recording
  • Saves cost of security, manual surveillance


At the Site under surveillance, suitable cameras are fixed. They are connected through switcher to modem. IP signal received at monitor location is automatically recorded independently. Signal can be viewed from any place on particular IP address.


Number of Locations CoveredNo limit, multiple locations possible
RecordingEach location will have independent recording
Recording TypeDigital format
Number of Channels of Recording4 / 8 / 16 channels
Recording PeriodDepending on hard disc used and frame frequency
Types of Camera UsedDay & Night, IR, Dome, C type
Powered OnMains as well as exchange battery
MonitoringFrom minimum 2 fixed locations
Multiple ViewingVia IP address
Power ConsumptionDepends on system being used
AccessoriesOperation/Service manual, Testing jigs
Environmental Spec.Operation: 0 C to 50 C, Storage: -10 C to 60 C