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Multiple Line Status Detector


When this module is fixed on Tagblock, the status of all 10 lines is immediately indicated. You can check the presence of exchange supply, reverse leg, loop, ring on line, spare line etc. OCB & Crone modules are available


  • Easy to use operation. Any layman can use it
  • Available for Pouyet & Krone type tagblock
  • NE side as well as DP side can be tested
  • Identifies working lines & non working lines
  • Detects polarity reversal
  • Direct detection of line status
  • At a time all 10 lines can be tested
  • STD / PCO can be checked for reversal
  • Very much compact & hence handy
  • Highly time saving
  • Very much economical


Remove earthing plate if any on tag blog. Fix the module on the tagblock. Press it gently to make proper contact. Observe which lamps are glowing & which are off. Lines on which lamps are glowing are working lines. If A if positive Red Lamp will glow. If B is positive then other lamp will glow. If line has got ring, then lamp will flicker. In speech mode lamp will be dim.


Operating Voltage5 V to 60 V
Overload ProtectionProvided
Types of tag blogKrone & Pouyet
Number of Channels Observed10 channels
Tests Carried OutStandstill working line, ring, speech, reversal
Power Consumption5 Watts
Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions150 mm x 20 mm
AccessoriesOperation/Service manual
Environmental Spec.Operation: 0 C to 50 C, Storage: -10 C to 60 C