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Mini Cable Fault Locator

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This Fault locater is used for detecting open and short faults in telecom/signal cables. When a faulty pair is connected to the tester, a LED indicates if the pair is open or short and the digital display will instantly give a reading of the distance to the fault (in meters).

The unit is very compact and consumes much less power. It can be used in the field for 3-4 days without charging the battery. Due to the direct digital readout, the measurement is very accurate. An in-built timer saves the battery by switching unit to a power-save mode. This makes it totally user friendly and any operator having minimal knowledge can successfully locate the fault. This machine is based on the principle of Time Domain Reflectometry.


  • Very small size and light weight. Easily portable.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Automatic measurement of distance.
  • Use of high speed circuitry.
  • Very low power consumption with built in rechargeable batteries.
  • Gives 8-10 hrs. of uninterrupted working on batteries.
  • Built in battery charger.
  • Improved minimum and maximum fault location range.
  • Tests any type of telecom cable.
  • Manual settings for VOP for different types of cables.
  • Auto shut down under idle running condition.
  • Low-Battery Indication.


The cable fault locator is a portable field instrument working on Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) principle, using advanced digital technology. It is designed to locate faults in any type of metallic cables, such as unloaded telecommunication or power, network or co-axial cables.

It sends a pulse of energy on the cable that propagates towards the far end. This pulse returns to the sending end from the point of mismatch of impedance. The transmitted and reflected pulses simultaneously interact with each other effectively displaying distance of fault in metres from sending end.

The velocity factor (VOP) is manually set for the type of cable selected. This machine can typically locate open and short circuit faults. It can also be used for other faults such as series and shunt, split pairs and ingress of moisture faults. It can also indicate locations of cable joints.


Fault Distance Range300 m, 1 km, 3 km
Measurement ModeAuto
Fault Measurement Accuracy± 1% ± 1 m
Pulse Width30 nsec to 3msec
Pulse WaveformSquare
Pulse Amplitude24 V pp
Cable Constant (VOP) range50 to 150 m/μs
Measurement dead zone1 meter
Auto Measurement dead zone15 meter
Output Impedance50~150 Ohms
Sampling Speed50~150 Ohms
Gain Range Control1:10
Display ReadoutLED Display
Power Supply12 V rechargeable battery 3.2 Ah Capacity built in charger
TimerBuilt in timer automatically switches off after 5 minutes to save the battery power
WeightAbout 1 Kg
Dimensions205 mm x 160 mm x 54 mm approx.
AccessoriesOperation/Service manual, Mains cable, Output cable, Carrying case
Environmental Spec.Operation: 0 C to 50 C, Storage: -10 C to 60 C
Working Temperature0 C to 55 C