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Local Line/Broadband/ISDN Line Tester

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This tester is useful for testing exchange and subscriber side of the line. On the exchange side we can check Exch. Voltage & Dial tone. On the subscriber side we can check the presence of AC voltage, Battery, Earth, Short-circuit and Condenser click. We can also give a ring to the subscriber and talk to them. There is also a provision to check exchange-side ISDN voltage. Similarly for broadband we can verify whether loop resistance is less than 1 K-Ohms. There is also a provision to send a tone to catch a pair. For testing line in field, Field line tester is also available.


  • Compatible with MDF Test board
  • Easy to use operation. Any layman can use it
  • Measures Exchange side as well as Line side parameters
  • Provision to give ring & speech facility
  • Provision to measure ISDN voltage
  • Provision to check loop resistance for broadband line
  • Provision to feed tone on line to detect particular pair
  • Very low power requirement. Mains operated
  • Compact & light weight
  • Direct measurement
  • Use of high speed circuitry
  • Tests any type of metallic telecom cable


Exchange side is connected to terminals marked “Exchange”. Similarly line side is connected to terminals marked “Line side”. Exchange Earthing is connected to Eth terminal. Where as Telephone handset is connected to terminals marked “Speech”. On Exchange side press “V” button, then meter will indicate Exchange voltage. For dial tone button we get dial tone on handset. On line side we can check Battery A/B, Earth A/B, Short circuit / Condenser click. We can also give Ring to party. If party lifts the handset we get LED indication. Then we can talk to party. There is provision to feed tone on the line by pressing “Tone” button. For broadband line we can check loop resistance by looping that pair at far end.


ISDN Voltage Measurement95 V to 110 V DC
Normal Line Exchange Voltage45 V to 55 V DC
Risky AC Voltage DetectionAbove 150 V AC
Other Parameters Tested At100 V
Tel Cond Value Detectable1 mfd to 15 mfd
Ringing Voltage75 V 25 Hz
Speech Voltage12 V DC on each line
Tone SignalModulated 10V RMS
Broadband Loop ResistanceAcceptable below 1k ohms
Accuracy± 0.5%
Power Consumption20 Watts
Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions200 mm x 175 mm x 70 mm approx.
AccessoriesOperation/Service manual, Testing leads
Environmental Spec.Operation: 0 C to 50 C, Storage: -10 C to 60 C