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Field Broadband Line Tester


In the field it is difficult to test broadband line. Since Broadband signal is in digital format. This signal is converted into analog format by demodulation and it is indicated on the digital display. For proper operation of broadband, this signal strength must be within certain range.


  • Easiest way to check broadband line
  • Can be used in the field as well as in an Exchange
  • Digital display of signal strength
  • Provision to measure Exchange line voltage / ISDN line voltage
  • Battery operated
  • Inbuilt charger
  • Due to simplicity of operation any layman can use it
  • Very economical method of testing
  • Easy identification of broadband line & ordinary line in the field itself


Connect the exchange side of line under test to the machine. Press Exchange Voltage button. Display will indicate exchange supply voltage. Then press B/B signal button. Machine will convert ADSL digital signal into analog format by our specialized signal processor & display signal strength in mV. This signal strength should be between 1200 to 1300 mV.


Broadband Signal1200 mV to 1300 mV
Display3½ digit
Conversion MethodPulse width demodulation
Conversion Loss2%
Battery12 V 2.5 Ah
Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions250 mm x 150 mm x 75 mm
Working Temperature0 C to 55 C