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Fault Converter/Ring Generator


Low insulation / Battery / Earth faults can not be located easily. So the best way is to convert those faults into open or short faults. This machine generates short duration modulated high signal pulses which are applied continuously to faulty pair. This changes characteristics of pair & that pair becomes open or short, thus easily locatable There is also a provision to give one leg / both leg current.


  • Easy to use operation. Any layman can use it
  • Low insulation / Battery / Earth fault converted into open or short fault
  • Signal strength can be adjusted
  • Provision to give one leg & both leg current
  • Very compact unit & light weight
  • Very low power requirement. Mains operated
  • Use of high speed circuitry
  • Useful for any type of metallic telecom cable
  • Inbuilt protection for external loop


Faulty pair is tested on MDF Test board. If it has Battery/ Earth/ Low Insulation fault, then that pair is isolated from exchange side in MDF as well as subscriber side from pillar. Such pair is connected to A & B terminals. Similarly exchange earth is extended to machine. Select limb at which you want to apply signal. This signal is continuously applied to that leg / pair. Due to continuous bombardment of high power signal characteristics of that limb changes, converting that fault into open or short. We can also give one leg / both leg current.


Converter SignalModulated high signal pulses of very short duration
Conversion Rate95%
Conversion Duration4 hrs to 12 hrs
Ringing Signal75 V 25 Hz
IndicationLoop indication
ProtectionOverload protection
Power Consumption20 Watts
Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions200 mm x 175 mm x 70 mm
AccessoriesOperation manual, Testing leads
Environmental Spec.Operation: 0 C to 50 C, Storage: -10 C to 60 C