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Cable Route Locator


This is used to find out route of underground cable. Tone is fed from Signal Generator to one of pair. With the help of sensor signal is picked up & amplified in receiver. Signal Strength is indicated on scale as well as heard in headphone. We can also detect particular cable out of bunch of cables.


  • Route tracing of any type of telecom cable
  • Depth measurement
  • Cable identification out of bunch of cables
  • Passive mode route detection of power cables
  • Compact unit
  • Easy operation
  • Audio as well as visual display
  • Frequency generated are out of range of harmonics of mains frequency
  • Route tracing by direct feeding or by radiation method
  • Low power consumption


One of the pair of cable, whose route is to be found out, is tested on MDF test board. If it is OK then it is looped at far end and its loop resistance is measured. Then it is grounded with the rod provided. Preferably no exchange earthing is used. Similarly its other end is connected to generator. Impedance is selected as per above loop resistance. Receiver is moved across the ground to get maximum signal in head phone. Different sensors are used for different purposes.


Audio Freq Generator:

Output1, 2, 4, 8 Watts selectable
Output Frequency480 Hz, 1450 Hz, 9820 Hz selectable
Impedence Matching0.5 Ohms to 1000 Ohms
IndicationOutput power indication on meter
Supply230 V (AC) / 12 V (DC)
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions200 mm x 120 mm x 230 mm
Working Temperature0 C to 55 C

Audio Receiver:

FrequencyPassive 50 Hz, Active 480 Hz, 1450 Hz, 9820 Hz
GainUpto 90 db
SupplyBattery operated
Power Consumption10 Watts
Sensitivity Selection0 V to 12 V
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions200 mm x 120 mm x 230 mm
Working Temperature0 C to 55 C