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Cable Guard

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This machine is useful to avoid cable theft or cable damage by other agencies by getting instant alarm. One pair of cable under test is connected to the machine and its far end looped. If someone cuts that cable, we get loud alarm and that channel’s lamp will glow. You can reset the alarm. But that lamp will continue to glow. After 30 minutes, the buzzer starts again. You can monitor 4 to 8 cables at a time. By connecting different pairs of the same cable at different pillars we can get approximate location of the theft.

We also have a model which can be used to monitor 150 cables simultaneously. This can also be configured to monitor 50 cables with 3 pillars for each cable.


  • Immediate alert if cable is cut
  • Audio as well as video indication
  • Machine can moniter 8 cables at a time. More cables can be moniterd by multiple circuits
  • Extended buzzer for security persons
  • Provision to reset buzzer. Followed by reminder alarm by fixed interval
  • Mains operated. Battery version also available on specific request
  • Low power consumption
  • App location can also be found out
  • Highly effective because it creates fear factor in minds of culprits


Test the pairs of the cable to be kept under observation. Connect that pair to machine. Loop its far end. Connect big buzzer to the machine. We can monitor 8 cables at a time by connecting 8 pairs of different cables. If somebody cuts the pair, audio alarm will immediately start. More over there will be lamp indication. We can reset alarm by pressing reset button. But lamp indication will still be on to indicate that cable is cut. Then after 30 minutes audio alarm will again start to remind you of theft.


Number of cables that can be monitored8
Response Time2 sec
Maximum Distance Covered20 kms
Audible Alarm10 db
Power Consumption10 Watts
Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions250 mm x 125 mm x 75 mm
Working Temperature0 C to 55 C